Campbell River Community Arts Council

Organization Mission Statement

To foster awareness and interest in all the arts within our community, and to empower, support and validate the creative efforts of local artists.

The organization serves the following population

Serving the population of greater Campbell River.

The funds donated will be used to

Community Art Initiative (a.k.a. Banner Project)

The Campbell River Arts Council has worked for the past 25 years to deliver street banners for Campbell River each summer. These banners are usually completed by schools (we work with 15 local schools) and community groups. Because of the Covid-19 school closures and social isolation, we had to think creatively about how to deliver our programs, notably the Annual Banner Project. With families isolating at home, we decided to open up the project to be able to accommodate families with their kids working on Banners in their own homes. We see it as a ‘Community Art Initiative’. We have been preparing banner kits (Primary colours plus black and white paints and banner) and have been delivering the kits to families all over the City - in fact we are being overwhelmed with the response! 

I cannot express enough how moving it is to see the joy on both parents faces and kids when I deliver their materials. They are truly excited to have something to do that connects them with the community. It is also a wonderful family activity. Our theme ‘Unity Through Community’ will be an amazing addition to our streets this summer and will be a testament to the strength, resiliency and positive spirit of Campbell River. We can get through this together. 

Currently we are still delivering kits to homes as demand continues to increase. We will also be picking up each banner when it is completed and delivering to the City. The City has agreed that they will hang the banners in mid-June.  

But to meet needs we are having to spend beyond our budget for extra paint and banners. We are committed to seeing this through. Assistance from 100 Women will help us meet every families’ needs. The Community Art Initiative

The organizations current sources of funding are

We are currently funded for our operation expenses by the Province of British Columbia (through B.C.A.C.), the City of Campbell River, and Gaming. Individual programs are funded by those that benefit (e.g., Head Injury Society for Art for Head Injury Survivors, Hospital Auxiliary for our Music for Health Program in the Hospital).


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