Campbell River Partners for Animal Welfare Society

Organization Mission Statement

To promote the wellbeing and safety of animals in the Campbell River area through education, recovery of lost pets and maintenance of community and feral cat colonies including TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) and liaison with other rescue organizations.

The organization serves the following population

CRPAWS primarily servesthe residents of Campbell River and surrounding area from North of the Oyster River to Sayward. We have also established a rapport with various First Nationsin the Campbell River area. Through our relationship with local First Nations we facilitate cat population control and improving overall community cat welfarefor both feral and owned cats. 

The funds donated will be used to

IMPROVE OUR CURRENT INTAKE FACILITY FOR HOUSING/ASSESSING CATS - We have a central intake site where all cats go for initial assessment. If they are deemed social or able to be re-socialized, they are moved to either pre-approved CRPAWS Foster homes or the SPCA. Feral cats brought in for spay/neuter are held here temporarily from time of trapping until after surgery date and recovery. The site is a small cabin on a donated industrial lot and is approximately 12ft x 12ft with light insulation. It does not have running water or a permanent electrical hookup. It only accommodates four older stainless steel cages, a small writing desk, a mini fridge and two storage cupboards that house linens and food dishes. We often find ourselves needing more space. During both hot and cold weather, it has been challenging to keep the intake site at an acceptable temperature for the cats’ best welfare. Ideally we wish to relocate to a larger building with full utility hookups and room for more cages. If we receive the grant from 100 Women Who Care, it will help us to bring our vision to life so we can handle more cats in a safe and comfortable space.

The organizations current sources of funding are

- Fundraising by members (crafts at markets, various fundraisers, on-line auctions, raffles and refundable recycling etc.) 
- Fundraising events initiated by local businesses (i.e., cat food drives by local pet stores)
- Corporate Grants for Limited Income (Spay/Neuter) Program (LIP)
- First Nations donations for Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) and LIP Programs
- Community and Corporate donations and sponsorship 


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