Kwakiutl District Council Health (KDC)

Organization Mission Statement

The mission statement is based on the traditional value and belief that our purpose in life is about "servitude" or "helping our people". In order for us to fulfull that role, it requires us, individually, to be the best leader that we can be, in order to truly be in the place of "helping our people". This is the cornerstone or foundation of our way of life - the potlatch.

The organization serves the following population

Campbell River Community. Indigenous and Urban indigenous, as well as all community members of any nationality.

The funds donated will be used to

To continue supports for the Mobile Outreach Unit for Health and Support Services (MOUHSS) a community health and social services vehicle for the entire community of CR to give primary health care, counselling, and social service supports to folks who are unable to access existing services. This is a new project for Campbell River that has limited time constraint funding. We hope to keep this project going for Community Members and be able to keep the vehicle supplied for folks who use the vehicle.

The organizations current sources of funding are

First Nations Health Authority, grants and community donations.


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