Mental Health Recovery Partners North Island

Organization Mission Statement

We promote mental wellness in Campbell River by providing educational programs and informational resources for family members, friends and the public about mental illnesses, and by providing a socialization skills and nutritional learning program for people with mental illnesses.

The organization serves the following population

Family and friends of loved ones who have a mental illness. The general public regarding education about mental illnesses and local resources. This is mostly professionals and volunteers from local social service and health care agencies (e.g. shelter, soup kitchens, John Howard Society, Family Services), as well as college students in Nursing, Social Work or Community Support Worker programs. Adults with mental illnesses via Nutritional Learning Program.

The funds donated will be used to

Offer bursaries to college students and professionals from local non-profits to attend our programs. They include: Strengthening Families Together, Mental Health First Aid (Adult and Youth) and Hearing Voices.

The organizations current sources of funding are

Island Health, Gaming, Strathcona Regional District, City of Campbell River, rent, fees, donations and the Hamber Foundation.


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